Monday, 8 April 2013

Veneer Door/ Laminated Door (Latest) / Solid Door / Hollow Door

Latest In The Market

Laminated Door

Laminated Door = Veneer Door + Solid Door + Scratch resistance 
                                                          (Latest Design)  (Solid Core) 

Laminated Door is the latest model in the Singapore market. 

Scratch resistance surface - Excellent for pet owner and family with children
Laminated door also has a very durable surface which is scratch resistance unlike veneer door. Hence laminated door is perfect in household with young children and pets

Solid Core - Heavy and good sound insulation

Laminated door has a solid core so it is very heavy like solid door and very good sound insulation. 

Odour free - No painting, varnishing or lacquering involved

Special promotion

Laminated door is the pricey due to its high material cost but we are having a special promotion now. 

Laminated Room Door
USUAL: $480
NOW:   $319 (While stock last)

#Comes with standard round lock.
#Min of 2 door in the same address. 
#Levered lock additional $35 per door

Veneer Door Singapore

1) Are you looking for the latest doors solution for your room?
2) Are you looking for door with stylish design like the condo show flat or CDB office you just visit?
If all two answers are YES, then Veneer Door is the perfect choice for you. 

Solid Door Singapore 

1) Are you looking for durable door that can last for over a decade for your room?
2) Are you looking for door that give good sound isolation?
3) If all two answers are YES, then Solid Door is the perfect choice for you

Classic Door Singapore 

1) Are you looking for elegant and timeless door for your room?
2) Are you looking for doors that to complement your wall colour scheme?
3) Are you looking for affordable that will not burn a hole in your pocket?
If your answers for all three questions are YES,  then Classic Door is the perfect choice for you.

Wooden doors are used widely for main and room doors in Singapore’s old HDB, new BTO, DBSS, condo and landed properties.
Main doors
For main door, solid core wooden door is mandated by HDB and strongly recommended for condo and landed properties for security reason. For HDB flat’s main door, HDB mandated that a ½ hour fire-rated is required for the main door if the main door is located along the fire escape route (main door within 3 metre from the nearest staircases and lift lobbies). For fire-rated main door, the door will comes with a PSB sticker, certificate and most importantly a HDB permit. It is crucial to check whether the company you engaged is a HDB licensed contractor as you cannot be sure if you are getting a fire-rated door if there is no HDB permit and HDB will not penalised you during routine check and transaction if your fire-rated door does not comes with a HDB permit.
For more information regarding HDB fire-rated main door permit requirement, kindly refer to the following link on HDB website under section door/gate:
Fire-rated main doors comes in flat (FR1), wooden trimming (FR 2 to FR 7) and veneer designs.

We have different types of veneer design to complement your style and home décor. You can choose fusion design, vertical design or horizontal design.

Room Doors
For room door, there are many options available. There are hollow, semi-solid and solid core.
Solid Core Vs. Semi-solid Vs. Hollow Core Doors
  • Solid door has better heat and sound insulation since it is made of denser material
  • Solid door has better security against thieves since it is stronger
  • Solid door is more expensive as compared to hollow door since more raw material is used
  • Solid door is heavier and more durable since it is made of denser and stronger material
For room doors, we offer 4 types of options:
        Classic door – hollow core door with painted finishing
# For old HDB flat, classic door is the default door that comes with the development so for simple door replacement for old HDB flat, classic door will be the one for you

Advantages of classic door:
i)                    Classic door is cheap
ii)                  Classic door comes in different painted colour (white, blue, green, cream, brown, you name it)
Disadvantages of classic door:
i)                    Classic door has less sound and heat insulation
ii)                  Classic door is lighter and less durable  

       Solid door – solid core door with varnish furnishing
# For practical home owner who are scouting for the most durable door options, solid door is the best option for you

Advantages of solid door:
i)                     Solid door has good sound and heat insulation
ii)                   Solid door is heavier and durable
Disadvantages of solid door:
i)                    Solid door is more expensive
ii)                  Solid door comes in wooden varnish colour only    

      Veneer door – semi solid and solid core with recon veneer
# For BTO, condo or newly renovated unit, veneer door is the ideal options as it has modern designs

In the market, some companies are selling hollow veneer door who is very light and not durable. For Ho Ho, we sells only semi-solid veneer door and solid veneer door.
Solid veneer door offers better sound and heat insulation at a slight premium only.

Advantages of veneer door:
i)                    Veneer door comes in different modern design
ii)                  Veneer door has a flat surface so no dust will be trapped so cleaning it is effortless
Disadvantages of veneer door:
i)                    Veneer door is more expensive  

The whole package for our wooden doors
a)  All our wooden doors come with lock, stainless steel hinges and magnetic door stopper
b) All our wooden doors come with 1 year full warranty of parts and labour
c)  All our wooden doors fire-rated main doors come with PSB sticker, certificate and HDB permit  for your peace of mind

For more information on wooden door, please refer to our website: 

Digital lock for your main door
Being Yale Authorised Dealer, you can offer yale digital lock for your main wooden door at a discounted price. Purchasing the Yale digital lock saves you the hassle of extra coordinating work. All our yale digital lock are local sets sold by Yale Singapore and installed by skilled worker of Yale Singapore. Yale digital lock brought from us comes in 2 years parts warranty and 1 years 24 hours service warranty provided directly by Yale Singapore.