Main & Room Wooden Doors

There are three main types of wooden door in Singapore: 

  • Classic Wooden Door (Hollow)
  • Solid Wooden Door
  • Veneer Wooden Door (Semi-solid & Solid)

These doors each have their pros and cons that will be discussed below.
Classic Wooden Doors
(Popular Choices in Singapore)

Classic Wooden Door is installed commonly in Singapore HDB rooms. Classic Wooden Door is prefered by Singaporeans in Singapore because it is cheap and comes in many colours. 

The cons of classic door are solid door is a better option for sound-proofing wise.
Solid Wooden Doors
(Popular Choices in Singapore)

Solid Wooden Door is installed in Singapore HDB room and main door. Solid wooden door has a better quality and better sound-proofing. Solid wooden door is an excellent choice for homeowner looking for a durable door solution for main and room door. After many years, homeowner can vanish the door and the solid wooden door will be as good as new.

The downside of solid wooden door is that solid wooden door is slightly more expensive than classic wooden door. On top of that solid wooden door has been in the market for over 30 years so in term of designs  solid wooden door is not as modern as veneer door shown below

Veneer Wooden Doors
(Popular Choices in Singapore)

Veneer Wooden Door is the latest options for homeowner looking for a wooden door solution in Singapore. Veneer Wooden Door has trendy design with over hundred of different combination. In the past, veneer wooden doors are installed commonly in only hotel and commerical area due to veneer wooden door high price. However, due to its increasing popularity, the high demand has lower the price to an affordable level. Today, veneer wooden door is installed in new HDB flat and is a popular choice for homeowner and interior design during the home design and renovation decision.

The downside of venner door is once it is being  scratched by sharp object, the appearance of the veneer wooden door will be affected and homeowner will have no choice but to replace a new door. Hence, veneer wooden door is not recommended for homeowner with dogs, cats (they will scratched the door with their claws) or young children (they will scratched the door with toys) at home. 

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